One of the most debated topics on the internets is the topic of religion.  Now, I think arguing religion on the internets is a pointless waste of time.  After all, most of the discussions are like so:

Militant Christian: God is the only answer.  Everything thing else is wrong and your going to Hell if you believe those thing.
Militant Atheist: You still believe in the fairy tale of God.  Your so stupid.  I don’t believe in god therefore I am smrt.
Militant Christian: Your living in sin and going to Hell unless you accept God into your life.
Militant Atheist: Yeah right, like some old dude is sitting on a cloud watching every move I make.  Your stupid and brain-damaged.
Militant Christian: You atheists are all the same.  You don’t want to convert because you want to continue to do your drugs, have unprotected gay sex (which is teh worst sin ever), and listen to your rock and roll bands like Air Supply.
Militant Atheist: You Christians are all the same.  Your all so closed-minded and judgemental.  Why can’t you be tolerant like us atheists?
Reasonable Person: Can’t we all just get along?
MC & MA: stfu

As you can tell from the above dialogue, there are two basic rules of arguing religion on the internets:

  1. Be extremely firm and uncompromising in your beliefs – It doesn’t really matter what your beliefs, the only thing that matters is that you argue them and never stray from arguing the same beliefs.  After all, if you start questioning and examining your beliefs, then you’re thinking.  Remember: thinking=bad, talking points=good.  Besides, questioning your beliefs is a one way ticket to whatever damnation you believe in.
  2. Attack those who believe differently than you – I don’t know if you’ve heard, but people are not supposed to have beliefs that differs from yours.  Remember the rule that the Buddy Bears told you: if you ever disagree it means that you are wrong.  So it is obvious that the people with other beliefs are wrong.  It is you right, nay your duty, to tell them that they are wrong.  The best way to tell them that they are wrong is to insult them.  The idea is that you insult them, they will magically convert to your belief system.  Don’t forget to get personal.

So that’s how you argue religion on the internets.  Of course, what belief system you choose is up to you, and I’m not even going to go into all that on this post.  In fact, I think I’ll end it here.  Until next time, remember that if you ever disagree it means that you are wrong.