So the other day I went to McDonald’s to get supper.  Since I was getting food for a few people, I went through the drive-thru, which took way longer than it should have.  Ah yes, the drive-thru, proof that man has run out of good ideas and is just throwing shit on the wall to try to see what sticks.  I wonder who came up with the drive-thru.  I could imagine the inventor of the drive-thru being like “I’m too lazy to leave my car to walk into the McDonald’s.  I think I’ll invent a way to make it so people like me can get food without leaving the car”.  Thus the drive-thru was born.  Now, imagine you are at a drive-thru.  How does the process go?  You pull up to the drive-thru and you hear robot or what sounds like a robot asking if he/she/it can take your order.  So you would order something like a number 6 with no mayo, mustard, or peanut butter.  Isn’t great to live in a nation where you can order food by number?  We don’t even have to use words like hamburger, taco, fried chicken, or escargot anymore.  God bless America.  So anyway, you place your order and the robot thingie tells you your total.  However, these machines are programmed so that there is always static when the time to tell you your total comes.  It never fails.  However, the machine is clear as day when they ask if you want to try something you didn’t order to begin with, usually an apple pie.  If I wanted an apple pie, I would’ve ordered an apple pie.  I wonder if the managers of these fast food joints threaten to withhold the paychecks of their employees unless they ask everybody if they want an apple pie?  So anyway, you make it to the little window where you hand the money over to the restaurant and they short change you.  Then, you go to the window where you receive your food.  So you finally got your food and you look in the bag and see that instead of getting the number six that you ordered, you got the manager’s hat.  So you get out of the car and go into the restaurant, defeating the whole purpose of the drive-thru.  So much for that invention.  Anyway, you go up to the minimum wage worker and you explain to him or her that you ordered food and got a hat instead.  So they finally, finally give you your proper order and offer an apple pie.  Well, that’s all I have for today.  Until next time, I’m going to McDonald’s and try to order a hamburger without ham.  Oh, and no post about the drive-thru is complete without that Weird Al Yankovic hit “Trapped in the Drive Thru”.